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Alder has experience working with a range of businesses, from SMBs to large enterprises. Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, or director, it’s important that you are fully prepared in the event you or your business are subjected to a serious communications crisis.

Even if you have a retained PR agency or internal communications and marketing department, managing a crisis is a highly specialised job. We regularly work with the country’s leading lawyers to prepare and support in-house teams with a wide range of crisis situations.

Brand protection and public perception are key, and our joint approach of putting in place flexible preventive measures and providing immediate crisis support helps to ensure they remain at the forefront of any response. Clients’ feedback confirms that this specialised approach makes all the difference when it comes to effectively communicating their message at times of crisis.

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Tim Toulmin

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Susan Smith

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Strategic Partner
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is reputation management so important for businesses?

Reputation management and PR are crucial for businesses to establish a positive brand identity, gain customer trust, foster growth, and navigate challenges effectively.
Having a strong reputation in place makes a business more resilient during times of crisis. A positive track record can help mitigate the impact of negative events, as customers and stakeholders may be more forgiving and understanding. We call this ‘empathy capital’.

A good reputation also makes it easier for businesses to work with the media and engage in positive business PR efforts. Journalists and media outlets are more likely to cover and feature companies with a positive track record.

We help businesses at various stages of the crisis cycles, whether that is pre-emptive work such as crisis communications manuals, media training, diagnostic reviews, and culture audits, or managing a crisis in real-time. We are not your traditional business PR firm, but we work with all businesses to build crisis readiness, crisis resilience and strengthen crisis recovery work.

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