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Charities often face intense scrutiny from a range of stakeholders on a number of issues, such as employee and volunteer behaviour; executive pay; governance failures; or employment disputes.

The risks of reputational damage for the sector are intensifying. We provide charities crisis communications support to help in-house teams and senior management at a broad range of charities, NGOs and not-for-profits – including charities with national or international profiles; religious institutions; campaigning groups; and those providing education, health and social care services.

Our Charities Team

Tim Toulmin Managing Director

Tim Toulmin

Managing Director
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Anthony Longden

Specialist Partner, Crisis Communications
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Sue Bishop Charities Partner

Sue Bishop

Specialist Education and Charities Partner
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Jack Myers Account Director

Jack Myers

Account Director
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Joe Macintyre Account Executive

Joe MacIntyre

Account Executive
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Frequently Asked Questions

When would a charity need crisis communications?

A charity may need crisis communications support where unexpected events or issues arise that could significantly impact its reputation, operations, or stakeholder relationships. 

As crisis communications consultants, Alder specialise in supporting charities at such times. Any problem can become a headline and negative media coverage, online criticism, or misinformation campaigns can lead to reputational damage, requiring a comprehensive strategic response.

We help charities ensure their communications inspire stakeholder trust and protect their long-term reputation and mission. Being prepared with a crisis communication plan in place can significantly help in navigating challenging circumstances effectively.

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