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As a specialist crisis PR agency, we protect and enhance your reputation through expert management and communication advice.

Crisis Communications and PR


Our expert crisis PR and communications advice will protect and enhance your reputation.

Management Advice


Our exceptional management and strategic advice will help you build organisational resilience.

About Alder


Alder is a high-level team of crisis PR consultants with senior experience in business, the media and regulation.

We give communication and management advice to a range of prestigious clients to help protect and enhance their reputations.

What We Do


Alder is a specialist crisis PR agency and offers both communication and management advice. Our services help clients protect and enhance their reputations, improve the quality of decision-making, and develop individual and organisational resilience to minimise the risk of PR setbacks.

Communications and PR

Our communication services help clients retain control in a crisis, project a professional image at all times, and make the most of the countless opportunities presented by the 24-hour digital world.  Communication and PR services include: crisis PR, litigation PR, News House, reputation audit, media training and social media monitoring.

Management Advice

Our management advice helps clients build organisational resilience, enabling them to identify and act on the internal problems that can lead to reputational damage.  Management advice services include: issues management, Culture Check, diagnostic reviews, crisis planning, professional development and board development.




We represent a wide range of businesses from all sectors, providing specialist advice on reputation management, crisis communications planning and problem resolution. We use our extensive experience and expertise to ensure business clients are well placed to avoid …


Schools and other educational establishments are particularly susceptible to media interest. Our clients in the education sector rely on us to manage a wide range of sensitive issues such as parental disputes, staff problems, pupil exclusions, legal actions …


Charities currently face a combination of political and media hostility and the risks of reputational damage to those in the sector are intensifying.  As trustees or volunteers ourselves, we understand only too well the variety of pressures currently facing …


As current and former members, staff or MDs of a range of regulatory bodies, our consultants have a deep understanding of the pressure regulators face from the public, media, and politicians.   It is a world of complex stakeholder management where there …


Working with the UK’s leading entertainment lawyers, we regularly represent high profile individuals from the worlds of music, television and the arts.  Initial issues include arrests, litigation and commercial disputes – but we also help manage 


We carry out highly effective profile-building and crisis management work for a large number of private clients who know they can trust us as a safe pair of hands to minimise damaging coverage and maximise positive publicity.  Clients include: CEOs 

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