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Political Risk Management

Tensions always run high at election time, and most organisations will be anxious to avoid getting caught in the campaigning crossfire as both politicians and journalists look for case studies to anchor their campaign.  Our political risk management services have been developed to minimise reputational risk for schools, universities, charities and businesses in the face of what promises to be a turbulent and testing year.

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Crisis Communications

Crises often hit when you least expect them. Whether you need immediate support to manage internal and external communications, proactive training, or strategic consultancy, our team of consultants can help.

Our communication services help clients retain control in a crisis, projecting calm and confidence to key stakeholders, the media and the general public. Our communication services include: crisis communications support; media handling advice; stakeholder management support; outsourced press office; and media monitoring.

Our management advice helps clients build organisational resilience, enabling them to identify and act on problems that can lead to reputational damage. Our reputation management services include: Culture Check; diagnostic reviews; reputation audits; crisis planning and training.

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Areas of Expertise

Alder is a specialist crisis communications consultancy offering communication and reputation management advice. Our team of specialist consultants have extensive experience in corporate leadership, the media and regulation.

We also specialise in delivering crisis communications consultancy across a number of sectors, including Education, Charity, Healthcare, Business, Entertainment and more. Read our full list of sectors.