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When a crisis occurs within the leisure industry, a swift and comprehensive PR response is essential to stop the issue from spiralling out of control and protect your organisation’s reputation.

Businesses operating in the leisure sector are exposed to a broad variety of risks. They can experience intense stakeholder and media scrutiny over a range of issues; such as controversy surrounding an event, a sudden incident, or a negative review that has gone viral. Skilled at quickly addressing issues as they arise, we work to limit any potential leisure PR crisis associated with large-scale, business-critical issues.

We have represented a range of businesses across the leisure industry, from regional sports centres to major restaurant chains, protecting their reputation at times of difficulty through crisis communications support and strategic advice, whilst also building resilience through media training and crisis preparation work.

Whether the issue unfolds online or offline, our team of experts offer reliable and effective crisis communications PR support. Our clients also benefit from our membership of the CCNE network, affording them trusted support across Europe in the event of issues that extend beyond the UK.

Our Leisure Team

Tim Toulmin Managing Director

Tim Toulmin

Managing Director
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Susan Smith COO

Susan Smith

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Steve Double Strategic Partner

Steve Double

Strategic Partner
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Anthony Longden Crisis Communication

Anthony Longden

Specialist Partner, Crisis Communications
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Jack Myers Account Director

Jack Myers

Account Director
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it essential to communicate effectively in a PR crisis?

On social media, news travels at the speed of a click, and a single misstep can lead to an unfortunate domino effect. Every interaction, from guest experiences to online reviews, holds the potential to either reinforce or taint a brand’s image.

Effective communication is at the heart of successfully navigating a crisis for businesses in the leisure sector. Clear, concise, and empathetic communication can be the difference between restoring a damaged reputation and long-term reputational damage. As a crisis PR firm, we advise clients across the UK and regularly train in-house teams to prepare them for a wide range of crisis situations.

We help organisations weather even the most challenging of storms. Clients value our understanding of the industry’s pressing reputational risks and our approach which is guided by limiting reputational damage, always placing any victims first and protecting brand integrity.

Why is it important to proactively plan for crises?

Opting for a proactive approach to PR crisis planning is a smart move for many businesses. At Alder, we’re ready to assist you in strengthening your readiness and resilience through a bespoke approach. Our understanding of the issues facing the tourism and hospitality industries, coupled with our experience in leisure crisis PR, allows us to easily identify potential vulnerabilities, create well-rounded crisis communication protocols, and train key personnel to handle crises effectively.

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