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An unexpected crisis can be a testing time for individuals and organisations. The communication demands are intense, and decision-making must take place at high speed and under great scrutiny.

Alder specialises in supporting clients at such times, with a combination of PR support, strategic counsel and stakeholder management advice. With many years’ experience and long-standing partnerships with the country’s leading lawyers, we advise organisations and individuals who have found themselves in challenging, harrowing and reputationally damaging situations that have arisen from a sudden incident or legal dispute.

Our Clients

Clients include charities and schools, NHS trusts and healthcare organisations, emergency services – and private individuals from the worlds of commerce, media and entertainment.

We know that every client is different. Some will need tangible management material, written advice, or sounding-board advice to work through an issue. 

Others will find value in the ‘softer’ side of what we do: the valuable psychological support that comes through having supported many clients through difficult times or to reach the best possible management decisions.

Clients value our flexible approach and ability to deliver fast and effective results.

Find out more about what our clients say by reading our testimonials.

Our Team

We have a team of high-level consultants with senior experience in business, the media and regulation. Many are former journalists themselves and, having worked in executive roles for some of the biggest-selling newspapers, they have a unique understanding of the media industry, the news cycle and how best to manage a story.

Visit our team page to find out more.

Our Partners

As the sole UK member of the Crisis Communications Network Europe, our clients enjoy pan-European support for any international crisis event.  We also have bilateral arrangements with individual crisis specialists in numerous other jurisdictions across the world.

We also work with partners in the fields of law, insurance and public affairs to deliver outstanding advice to their clients at times of uncertainty or change. Find out more about who we partner with. 

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