Alder is a high-level team of consultants with senior experience in business, the media and regulation.

We give communication and management advice to a range of prestigious clients to help protect and enhance their reputations.

Clients include businesses, regulators, charities and schools – and private individuals from the worlds of commerce, media and entertainment.

Communication services include crisis and litigation PR and profile-raising campaigns, while our management consultancy helps organisations avoid the business problems that lead to reputational setbacks. The pioneering Culture Check ® is chief among these services.

We work with partners in the fields of law, insurance and public affairs to deliver outstanding advice to their clients at times of uncertainty or change.

 Why Alder?

The alder tree symbolises what we do. Its wood is famously resilient – and for centuries has been used as the first line of defence against flooding and sea erosion. It has healing qualities and can quickly detoxify land.

Alder equals protection, resilience, problem solving, and natural good sense.





Our mission is to provide expert communications and management advice in order to help clients protect and enhance their reputations …
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Our consultants have varied backgrounds in the worlds of business, media and regulation.  Together we have the skills and experience 
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We are proud to work with a number of prestigious partners to provide the best possible communication and management advice to their clients …
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