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It is a common misconception that you cannot prepare for a crisis. At Alder we help organisations prepare for the unexpected and put the necessary frameworks in place so that they can weather even the most challenging of storms.

During a crisis one of the most difficult obstacles to navigate is time pressure, which can confuse strategic decisions and make mistakes more likely. Ultimately, during a crisis there is no room for error in your communications and PR strategies – however, Alder’s crisis planning services help clients in the event of a crisis to start on the front-foot and avoid any seemingly minor mistakes which could prove disastrous. Many of our clients choose to take this proactive approach to crisis planning and come to Alder as they seek to improve their readiness and resilience.

At Alder we offer a range of crisis planning services. Aimed at increasing readiness and resilience, our crisis communication manuals, crisis simulations and online reputation review will prepare you for the variety of risks that your specific industry faces and offer the best solutions to these complex scenarios.

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