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Crisis PR Management

Utilise our PR crisis management strategies.

No one wants to suffer a PR crisis – these are events which pose substantial reputational and other risks to companies operating in every sector, as well as individuals living and working in the public eye. A PR crisis can strike instantly and if left unattended, can inflict lasting damage or continue to spread unless it is swiftly and carefully extinguished.

At Alder, our PR crisis management specialists have years of experience tackling crises of all shapes and sizes, helping organisations to avoid the potentially fatal blow they can deal. Operating in both online and offline spaces, and with contacts spread throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, our experts are available at a moment’s notice to provide trustworthy, crisis management PR guidance.

Effective crisis PR management requires cool heads, an instant but well-judged response, and expert damage limitation. Having worked across political, public, non-profit and commercial spheres, we have the knowledge, experience and contacts necessary to react, adapt and achieve positive outcomes in these demanding, pressurised and fast-moving situations.

If you’re looking for a discreet, skilled and experienced agency specialising in crisis management PR to provide immediate assistance in crafting a media response, or to manage an ongoing proactive strategy, contact the team at Alder today by emailing us at [email protected]. Alternatively, we can be reached by telephone at 020 7692 5675 and our urgent help email address, [email protected], is monitored 24/7 for emergency requests.

Our crisis PR services include:

Media Handling Advice

We will explain how journalists will approach a story and give you strategic advice on how to respond.


We will bring consistency to your communications by providing draft statements, Q&As and lines to take.

Social Media Monitoring

Our software will keep you on top of breaking stories, enabling you to take swift action if necessary.

Crisis Planning & Training

Planning ahead will help you cope with the significant demands a crisis will place on your senior team.

Stakeholder Management

Managing the diverse needs of your stakeholders is an essential requirement during any major issue.

Virtual Press Office

We can set up a rapid response press office to act as a firewall between you and the media during difficult times.

Get a crisis under control

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