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Communication can be broken down into manageable building blocks. Even the most confident public speaker can strengthen their skillset by identifying areas that require further development. 

Our specialist public speaking trainer will work one-on-one with senior leaders and spokespeople to create a bespoke session. Whether you have already identified areas you want to work on or you need some guidance to bring this to light, our trainer will provide practical routines to prepare your mind, enhance your presence, and improve your voice when speaking in public or on camera. 

Our programme

 The session will focus on the physical aspects of speaking to an audience, including: 

Our method 

Before a session, our specialist trainer will have an online consultation with you to understand areas for development, or if you are unsure which areas you want support with, the session will also highlight which building blocks to focus your attention on. 

Our trainer will provide you with some exercises to practice, and then following this, there will be a two-hour workshop to develop and enhance skills from your first session and apply them in the form of an informal presentation. 

The workshop can either be delivered in person or online. We can facilitate the workshop at our London office or, alternatively, at your place of work. We can also offer a studio-based training experience in London in a fully equipped centre with broadcast-quality TV, radio, and podcasting studios. 

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