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Online Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation

A strong online reputation is one of the most valuable long-term assets a person or organisation can have.

But unfortunately this can be destroyed in an instant by one brush with negative publicity. Court cases, litigation, and consumer complaints are among the challenging events that can leave a nasty legacy in terms of a bad online reputation – and this can affect company sales and individuals’ prospects long after the issue at hand has been resolved. 

Fortunately help is at hand.  Steps can be taken before, during and after a news story to help minimise the impact on your reputation online and on social media, so if you are looking for professional support in managing your online reputation, then contact us to find out more.

Our Expertise

It is challenging to successfully manage a reputation online – particularly in times of crisis. Traditionally, a bit of negative press in a local or national paper would quickly become tomorrow’s chip shop paper. But these days bad publicity online can soon become one one the biggest influences on your organisation’s reputation.

While many companies or individuals may deserve the public scrutiny that comes with behaving badly or letting people down, others may feel they have been harshly treated and that a bad online reputation that lasts forever is simply unfair.

We can help to improve the online profile of individuals and companies. Find out more by contacting us today.

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