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Building and maintaining a strong online reputation is of incalculable value and a priority shared by public figures and organisations alike.

A constant risk, it takes only one brush with negative publicity for an online reputation to be tarnished. Everything from court cases and litigation proceedings to consumer complaints, mistimed announcements and simple mistakes can pose a threat to a name’s legacy, which can affect an organisation’s reputation and individuals’ prospects long after the issue at hand has been resolved.

At Alder we offer both online reputation monitoring and online reputation repair services, to mitigate damage and protect your reputation before, during and after a negative news story.

Online Media Monitoring

Monitoring your social media and other digital channels in real-time, our software will help you stay on top of breaking stories online enabling issues to be flagged before they turn into events that can cause reputational harm.

Our online media monitoring services will help your organisation by:

Online Reputation Repair

Whether clients approach us amid an ongoing crisis in need of urgent help or are struggling to rebuild a damaged brand in the aftermath of bad publicity, our online reputation repair services strive to return names to the public’s good graces. Particularly in online spaces, the consequences of an event can cause your reputation to be damaged quickly and significantly, with opinions potentially spreading like wildfire. Our media handling advice can limit the power ‘cancel culture’ could hold over your image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to maintain a good online reputation?

The ways in which people receive and comment on the news has evolved rapidly in recent years. While traditionally, news was only ever consumed via printed newspapers, now most media consumption is online or via social media. Organisations therefore need to have a strong grasp of how they are perceived online.

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