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We represent a wide range of educational institutions, including multi-academy trusts, independent schools, further education colleges and higher education institutions. We provide crisis communications and strategic counsel on a range of matters, including employment disputes; police investigations; abuse allegations; regulatory inquiries; free speech issues; cultural movements such as BLM and #MeToo; and health and safety matters including injuries and fatalities.

Our specialist education team of crisis communications professionals are here to help you manage your reputation year-round and minimise damage should a crisis arise.

Our specialist services include crisis communications advice, media training and specialist year-round reputation management subscription for in-house teams. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the complex regulatory and political demands on schools, and we regularly provide specialist briefing and training to leadership teams and governors.

Our Education Team

Tim Toulmin Managing Director

Tim Toulmin

Managing Director
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Anthony Longden

Specialist Partner – Crisis Communications
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Sue Bishop Charities Partner

Sue Bishop

Specialist Education and Charities Partner
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Alison Brace Proactive Education PR

Alison Brace

Specialist Partner – Proactive Education PR
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Durell Barnes Specialist Education Partner

Durell Barnes

Specialist Education Partner
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Jack Myers Account Director

Jack Myers

Account Director
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Sarah Bishop Marketing Manger

Sarah Bishop

Marketing Manager
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Joe Macintyre Account Executive

Joe MacIntyre

Account Executive
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between education PR and crisis communications?

Education PR focuses on promoting and managing the public image and reputation of educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. The primary goal of education PR is to enhance the institution’s brand, build positive relationships with stakeholders, and attract students, staff, donors, and other key prospective stakeholders.

Crisis communications deals with managing communication during times of a crisis or emergency that could damage an organisation’s reputation. A crisis can arise from various situations such as accidents, scandals, legal issues, health alerts, or any event that significantly impacts the organisation’s operations or public image.

Why is a good reputation important for schools?

Reputation is a clear and proven driver of school applications, providing the groundwork for a healthy pupil roll and sound finances.

A 2016 study found that just one negative search result on page 1 of Google can cause 20% of prospective parents to change their minds about whether they visit a potential school; 70% of prospective parents prefer getting to know a school via articles rather than advertisements and 64% of people trust online search engines the most when conducting research on a school.

Essentially, a good reputation is crucial for schools as it influences enrollment, retention, staff recruitment, community support, fundraising, and overall sustainability. It reflects the school’s commitment to excellence and plays a significant role in shaping its future growth and success.

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