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Broadcast interviews are very different from traditional press interviews – it is one thing knowing your key messages, it is another thing entirely holding the line under intense scrutiny on live television or radio.

Practice makes perfect, and our comprehensive broadcast training programme ensures that your spokespeople can deliver with calm and confidence.

Our programme

The session will focus on strategies to improve their performance under pressure, including:

Our method

Before your training session, our specialist team will liaise with you on your reputational vulnerabilities, broadcast experience, and communications priorities and goals.

Our broadcast training sessions are delivered in-person. We can also offer a studio-based training experience in London in a fully equipped centre, with broadcast-quality TV, radio and podcasting studios.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you prepare for a live broadcast interview?

A broadcast interview can be extremely demanding, particularly if you are responding to serious allegations or scrutiny.

When stakes are high and public sympathy is low, it is important that leaders are visible. While a daunting exercise, an interview executed well can inspire confidence and soothe stakeholders. That said, a clumsy interview risks exacerbating matters.

With expert insights and immersive interview practice with experienced former journalists, our programme ensures that you are ready for anything when the cameras roll.

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