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Charity PR Consultants

Charities currently face a combination of political and media hostility, and the risks of reputational damage for the sector are intensifying. As trustees or volunteers ourselves, we understand from within the variety of pressures facing charities of all sizes.

The link between negative organisational culture and the occurrence of harmful and potentially disastrous PR events is all too clear. Whether it’s controversy surrounding the behaviour of workers and volunteers, executive pay, governance failures or data compliance, managing a charity’s reputation can quickly go from business-as-usual to crisis management.

At Alder UK, we’re a dedicated PR consultancy based in London and specialise in communications services in a number of sectors, including charity.

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So what can be done to effectively manage a charity’s reputation? The first step to take is to audit your specific charity’s exposure to risk and the effectiveness of your current PR strategy. We offer the following services that can help.

Our PR services for charities include:

Crisis PR

When they happen, they come quickly and can do lasting damage to reputations if not handled properly. But they don’t have to be a fatal blow. Effective crisis PR requires cool heads, an instant but well-judged response, and expert damage limitation.

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Culture Check®

Our exclusive Culture Check® service is one of the most valuable services we offer our charity clients. Based on our in-depth research into the sector, we know that poor culture within a charity can lead to reputational disasters. Our culture check gives CEOs, board members and trustees thorough understanding of the organisation’s health and degree of exposure to reputational risk.

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Diagnostic Reviews

Within our diagnostic reviews, we conduct interviews with key people both within and external to the charity, in order to review how effectively the charity currently functions from a PR perspective and to identify opportunities for improvement.

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Crisis Planning

A communications crisis can strike at any time, and the nature of a charity’s work makes it particularly at risk. We recommend that all organisations have a robust crisis plan in place. We’re not talking about a 1,000 page document that nobody will read, but a clear and concise step-by-step plan bespoke to your charity that you can keep in your top drawer and call upon at any time – and that’s exactly what we deliver through our crisis planning service.

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Sounding Board Advice

A little professional advice can go a long way, particularly when it comes to managing your communications effectively. One of our most popular services is our sounding-board advice, where you can have one of our professional charity PR consultants on-call should you need them.

News house: social media, virtual press offices and media relations programmes

It can be a challenge to justify the cost of a full-time communications department. Particularly in times of crisis PR during which your existing communications team can be stretched, extra support may be sorely needed – and quickly. We offer two levels of flexible press office support so that you can scale your PR department as and when needed.

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Specialist media training for trustees

We can offer specialist media training for key employees and trustees within the business. This training gives them the confidence they need to feel prepared and able to effectively communicate key messages when preparing statements or conducting live interviews. This includes telephone, face-to-face and broadcast media training.

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