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Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

Our crisis management specialists have years of experience tackling crises of all shapes and sizes. Having worked across political, public, non-profit and commercial spheres, we have the knowledge, experience and contacts necessary to react, adapt and achieve positive outcomes in demanding, pressurised and fast-moving situations.

Our reputational management services help leaders build organisational resilience and enable them to identify and act on the internal problems that can lead to reputational disaster.

Crisis PR Planning & Training

Organisations of any size and in any sector can be hit by a crisis, and the key to surviving them is often to have planned and prepared for the worst. At Alder, we offer various services which help organisations put the necessary measures in place so that they can weather even the most challenging of storms.

Drawing on the skills and experiences of a range of former journalists turned crisis communications consultants, we offer several training options to prepare personnel for a variety of tricky media engagements.