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Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

Our crisis communications and reputation management services are designed to help individuals and organisations navigate the many complexities of dealing with a crisis and achieve positive outcomes in demanding, pressurised and fast-moving situations.

Our crisis management specialists have years of experience tackling crises of all shapes and sizes. Having worked across political, public, non-profit and commercial spheres, we can help organisations in education, charities, healthcare and business.

We can help with both proactive preparation and reactive responses. Our crisis PR communications services help organisations to react, maintain control during crises, and protect their image, values, and stakeholder relationships. Our issues management services are designed to identify internal problems before they turn into a reputational concern. From culture and reputation audits to diagnostic reviews, our issues and reputation management services equip organisations with the right tools to build preparedness.

Crisis PR planning and training

We offer crisis PR planning and media training sessions to prioritise proactive measures.

Crises can strike any business or organisation at any moment, and it is imperative that you are well-prepared to navigate difficult times. Our consultants are former journalists turned crisis communications specialists, and they use their vast expertise to provide training options that provide organisations’ leaders and team members with the instruments to manage media interactions effectively under pressure.

We offer crisis communications plans tailored to assess vulnerabilities and develop effective strategic responses, as well as print media training on topics such as media training techniques, journalist tactics, and press regulation. With our support, you can proactively plan for crises, mitigate risks, and emerge even stronger from challenging situations.

Trust Alder to navigate difficult times

Our mission is to help you prevent and face crises with confidence and resistance. Our strategies are based on transparency, authenticity, and empathy to guarantee successful outcomes even during the most challenging times. If you are interested in our services and would like to learn more, then contact our specialist team today.