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Our reputational management services help leaders build organisational resilience and enable them to identify and act on the internal problems that can lead to reputational difficulties. As crisis communication specialists, we understand the power of reputation and just how important it is for individuals and organisations alike. Reputation is one of the most valuable assets an organisation has and like any asset it needs to be monitored, managed and evaluated for areas for improvement.

In this digital age of 24-hour news stories and influential social media platforms, reputations have never been so exposed to risk. It is in this environment that we employ our expertise to help individuals and organisations manage their reputations through a variety of means. Through our culture audit, diagnostic review and reputation audit, Alder helps leaders protect and improve one of their most valuable assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to manage your reputation?

Regardless of the industry, reputation plays an important role in all aspects of an individual or organisation’s activities.

• Reputation helps build what we call ‘empathy capital’ – if a crisis does occur, stakeholders are more likely to understand your situation if you have invested in managing your reputation in the long term.
• A strong reputation for delivering a quality service and treating staff well creates a loyal customer base.
• A respected reputation helps attract quality employees, whose values align with an organisation’s reputation and in turn culture.
• A well-managed reputation can have a positive financial impact, providing the base for an organisation to build their service upon, driving consumers, clients and outside investors towards the organisation.
These are just some of the areas that reputation influences, and it is this belief in the immeasurable value of reputation that drives Alder’s thorough and expert management of our clients’ reputations.

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