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Management Advice

Helping identify and act on internal issues that risk your reputation

Our management advice helps leaders build organisational resilience and enables them to identify and act on the internal problems that can lead to reputational disaster.

Our Management Advice services include:

Issues Management

Complex issues arising from litigation, whistleblowing or regulatory failures can place great demands on an organisation’s management. Problems need to be identified and put right, stakeholders handled with care, and communications plans made for all scenarios.

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Culture Check®

Corporate scandals almost always have their roots in a ‘cultural problem’. But many leaders seem powerless to prevent them happening. Now help is at hand to nip such issues in the bud.

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Diagnostic Reviews

A diagnostic review will consider how well the organisation functions from a communications perspective by conducting interviews with key people and making recommendations based on best practice elsewhere and our years of experience advising organisations of all type and size.

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Crisis Planning

We advise on the development, execution and testing of crisis communication plans and how they dovetail with other aspects of crisis management such as business continuity plans.

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