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Whether you’re a business owner, CEO or director, it’s important that you are fully prepared in the event you or your business are subjected to a serious communications crisis.

If there is a crisis, all eyes will be on you – as a leader of the business – to manage an effective response.

Even if you have a retained PR agency or internal communications and marketing department, managing a PR crisis is a highly specialised job. We regularly work with in-house teams to bolster their own skills, contacts and experience. Clients report this makes all the difference when it comes to effectively communicating their message at times of crisis.

Our business PR services include:

Reputation Audit

We will audit your business’s offline and online reputation using qualitative and quantitative methods. This allows us to give you a 360° view of how you are perceived – essential information if you are planning any PR initiatives or have experienced a period of sustained scrutiny or criticism. Our reputation audits will identify short and long-term recommendations for how to improve the organisation’s reputation and build positive relationships with those in the media, politics and civil society.

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Culture Check®

Many PR crises originate from within the business. They may stem from personal circumstances or incidents relating to the business, a group of employees or its customers, or be underlying issues waiting to bubble up to the surface.

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Diagnostic Reviews

Our diagnostic review service audits just how well your business currently functions when it comes to handling its communications across all stakeholders – from the public to investors, employees and the media. You will then receive a series of in-depth recommendations on how improvements can be made to the way communications are currently handled.

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Crisis Planning

When a communications issue arises, the two biggest mistakes most businesses make are to either bury their heads in the sand, or to panic. Both of these responses can do more reputational harm than good. That is why it is so important to effectively plan for a PR crisis.

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Sounding Board Advice

As well as crisis planning, culture checks and reputation audits, we also act as a sounding board for many of our clients. That means we can be on-call to give you pragmatic advice relating to your PR and communications strategy as and when you need it.

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Media Training

We can offer a range of media training to key public-facing individuals in your business to effectively prepare them to both enhance and protect your business’s reputation. This includes training for face-to-face interviews and broadcast media, as well as ‘down the line’ training designed to hone your skills during telephone interviews.

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News House: Social media, virtual press office and media relations

Not all businesses have the budget available to support a full-time press office. That’s why we offer remote press office support for our clients, allowing us to act both proactively and reactively for our clients as and when we are needed. That means you can have access to a professional, fully-equipped media relations agency on-demand, without significant and ongoing investment in on-site, full-time staff.

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Litigation PR

If you, your business or key employees have been accused of a crime, are involved in a tribunal or commercial dispute, or are facing allegations of negligence, then you will need specialist litigation PR advice. Working closely with your legal team, our litigation PR service will get you on the front foot and provide you with all the support you need to frame your message and deal with the communication demands that will inevitably arise from interest in the matter.

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