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Specialist School and College PR Consultants

From traditional public relations services to strategic communications support for your leadership team, our role is to keep you firmly on the front foot while easing the pressure on individuals and enhancing the quality of your decision-making.

Alder started life as a crisis PR specialist firm – but has since grown in response to client feedback and now offers a full range of services designed to protect and enhance schools’ reputations.

At Alder, we represent a wide range of educational establishments, from multi-academy trusts to individual independent schools and further education colleges. Our specialist PR services include crisis communications advice, media training, and proactive PR.

We are a specialist team of PR professionals who will not only help your organisation manage its reputation year-round, but also act swiftly to help you remain in control and limit damage when trouble strikes out of the blue.

Our PR services for schools and colleges include:

Crisis handling and PR

Effectively managing communication with the press and key stakeholders requires you to stay calm and focused and to have the headspace to make rational decisions should a communications crisis occur. Our specialist crisis management consultants will help you do just that. We will offer step-by-step guidance and hands-on assistance to help you to control the narrative and effectively manage your school’s reputation during a crisis – regardless of the cause.

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Media Relations

The relationship between schools and the media is unique. Often journalists specialise in reporting on news relating to the education sector and it is critical to build positive relationships with local, national and sector press.

At Alder, we will build your profile by engaging with journalists, highlighting opportunities in the education press, and building important media relationships.

Outsourced Press Office

A story can break at any time and so it is not always enough to have an in-school PR department that operates Monday to Friday. Bolster your press office and ensure you are always ready for media inquiries by subscribing to our low-cost outsourced press office service. It’s free to set up – you only pay for what you use. Our specialist press office is manned seven days a week, so there is always someone on-hand to advise on breaking news stories.

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Social and digital media monitoring

Social and digital media monitoring is an essential reputation management tool in the 24-hour media age. We will monitor your school’s online reputation and advise on rapid action and counter measures that can be applied if necessary. This means that negative sentiment can be nipped in the bud and you can quickly control the narrative behind any breaking story at any time of day.

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Training for governors

Alder offers a range of bespoke workshops, presentations and simulations to help improve governors’ awareness of threats and opportunities and improve the quality of the decision-making. This includes offering a bespoke media training service, tailored to your school or college. This means your key spokespeople will feel comfortable and confident to communicate your message to press if and when necessary, which can make all the difference to your reputation and perception with both the media, public, parents and other key stakeholders.

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