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Outsourced Press Office

Your own virtual press office

Many organisations only need to deal occasionally with the media and don’t need full-time press officers.  But they still need to portray a professional image to the outside world, maximise opportunities for positive publicity and be able to deal with difficult enquiries from journalists if the unexpected happens.

A cost-effective way to do this is to outsource the function so you only spend money on what you need, when you need it. 

What are the benefits?

1. You will save money

Having an outsourced press office makes this type of support viable for many organisations that would not otherwise be able to afford to hire experienced journalists and PRs.

2. You will minimise risk

Many schools are taken off guard when they receive a call from a journalist and are not sure how to handle it. This increases the risk of negative publicity.

3. You can use it flexibly

You can turn support on and off when you like. You could use it to make just one announcement a year or to run a fully-fledged PR campaign.

4. You can count on emergency support

Our advisers are available outside office hours and at weekends.

What is an outsourced press office?

An outsourced press office comprises a team of experienced education PR professionals who work remotely to build your profile, deal with incoming enquiries from journalists, or advise you if your school is facing a crisis.

What are you offering for free?

We are offering the basic infrastructure of an outsourced press office for free. These are a press office email address and telephone number, along with a call answering service.  These contact details can be published on your website to ensure you are ready for media enquiries, including out of office hours.  We cover the set-up, admin and maintenance costs of this.  Any actual PR advice is chargeable.

The telephone number will be an 0203 number. This includes email address will be [email protected]  We use these contact details for all clients on this basic package.

Does an actual person answer the phone?

Yes, we do not have automated answering.

Can the contact details be more bespoke?

Yes, you can have your own dedicated telephone number and email address [yourschoolname] for just £90 per month.

What charges might I incur?

It depends on the level of service you require, whether the matter is urgent and when you want us to deal with it. We charge in 6-minute segments at an hourly rate of £195 for non-critical enquiries. Rates are higher out of hours and for crisis PR advice. We will send you a full schedule of fees with our terms and conditions.

That sounds a lot – won’t it soon rack up?

We will make clear when the chargeable work starts and you can make a decision about whether to proceed.  Also bear in mind that we charge in 6 minutes segments so your monthly invoice, if any charges are incurred at all, would start at just £19.50.  We will give you an estimate of how much time will be spent on your matter and keep you posted on what time has elapsed.

For those wanting certainty, we also offer fixed retainer agreements.  These start at just £245 a month for our popular Reputation Toolkit service.

I need more support than this. What else do you offer?

We offer a range of additional services:

  • Crisis PR protocols
  • Social and digital media monitoring
  • Training
  • Internal communications
  • HR advice
  • Litigation PR and support around hearings and trials

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