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It can often be difficult to determine the cause of poor media performance – some organisations fail to allocate sufficient resources to their communications department, others have obstacles that prevent teams and leadership from communicating effectively.

Our diagnostic review assesses a number of factors that may hamstring your communications output and media performance. Through a combination of primary research – including interviews with senior leadership, in-house communications teams, and key stakeholders – and analysis of your existing communications protocols and procedures, our review will identify your specific vulnerabilities and provide practical guidance on best practice and improvement strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diagnostic review?

A diagnostic review provides a ‘diagnosis’ of your organisation’s communications challenges, assessing the functioning of your communications and offering valuable advice on improvements. It is an outside analysis of your organisation, combining an internal communications review with bespoke consultancy and an analysis of your media strategy, external communications and overall communications strategy. This service extends to all public-facing organisations who, regardless of size, understand that communications play a huge role in portraying your brand and building ‘empathy capital’ and protecting your reputation. 

Our diagnostic reviews focus on interviews with key staff members, an assessment of employee communications and PR strategies, an analysis of external communications, issues cited by staff surveys and reports from members of the public, and an analysis of communications on social media and as seen across digital and print media.  

What is the purpose of a diagnostic review?

Ultimately the purpose of a diagnostic review is to spot vulnerabilities before they turn into PR disasters and implement changes to improve all aspects of your organisation’s communications, in turn safeguarding your reputation, limiting exposure to risk, promoting your business interests and building stronger relationships with staff and other stakeholders. 

Through assessment of your communications an organisation can address vulnerabilities and achieve remarkable growth through some practical and applicable improvements. 

What is the importance of a diagnostic review?

Communications are an integral part of any organisation, as they reflect your values, successes, issues, strategy, brand, and aims amongst other key indicators. Having said this, it is therefore essential that just in the same way financial audits and business strategy reviews are carried out, a diagnostic review of your communications is also completed. In this digital era of 24-hour news and relentless social media content, both internal and external communications present huge exposure to risk for organisations, but also an immense opportunity to portray the desired image of your organisation and connect with stakeholders. This dual importance highlights the importance of a diagnostic review, as it both protects and propels your organisation forward through an internal and external communications review. 

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