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Diagnostic Review

When it comes to communication, both internal and external, identifying the root causes behind the poor functioning of your communication processes and lacklustre media performance can be challenging. Resource allocation, internal structures, and media handling protocols are all factors that can negatively impact the success of your communications. As a crisis PR firm, we help clients address and improve these weaknesses through our internal communications audit, assessing a number of factors that may hamstring communications output and media performance.

Our internal communications audit involves a thorough diagnostic review aimed at revealing the underlying issues that can stand between your organisation and its effective communication and media performance. Our comprehensive approach begins with conducting primary research, which includes interviews with senior leadership, in-house communication teams, and key stakeholders. By examining existing communication protocols and procedures within your organisation, we can identify your specific vulnerabilities and provide practical guidance on best practices and improvement strategies.

Internal Communications Audit – Our method

It can often be difficult to determine the cause of poor media performance and a communications system that is not functioning as it ought to be—some organisations fail to allocate appropriate resources to their communications department, and others have obstacles that prevent teams and leadership from communicating effectively.

It is an excellent resource for providing a robust and clear assessment of the practices hindering an organisation’s communication effectiveness. By engaging with different stakeholders and examining communication protocols, our diagnostic review is the right tool to uncover hidden inefficiencies that may pose an obstacle to your internal and external communications.

Through our internal communications audit, we will pinpoint vulnerabilities and gaps in internal communication processes to help your organisation streamline its channels and favour better coordination among teams and leadership. This proactive approach to improving the functioning of your communications not only increases your organisation’s crisis readiness and resilience but also embeds learning and knowledge amongst internal teams. Through actionable recommendations derived from the audit findings, we will guide you towards viable improvements in media performance, strengthening your overall resilience and success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an internal communications audit?

An internal communications audit assesses your organisation’s communication processes and challenges and provides valuable advice on improving its functioning and media performance. This review combines thorough internal and external analysis, including an assessment of media engagement, external and internal communications, and protocols. This is particularly beneficial for all public-facing organisations, like schools,  charities and healthcare institutions, emphasising the importance of communication in brand portrayal and reputation management.

What does an internal communication audit include?

Our internal communications audit includes:

  • Interviews with key stakeholders and staff.
  • Evaluations of employee communications and PR strategies.
  • Analyses of external communications.
  • Consideration of staff surveys and public reports.
  • Scrutiny of communication across social media, digital platforms, and print media.

What is the purpose of an internal communications audit?

The objective of an internal communications review is primarily to identify vulnerabilities, prevent PR disasters, and improve communication aspects across your organisation. By assessing your organisation’s communications, you can address weaknesses and achieve notable growth through practical enhancements.

What is the importance of an internal communications audit?

Communication is one of the most prominent and vital aspects of any organisation, as it reflects its core values, vision, successes, strategy, and mission. Considering this, an internal communication audit is an essential task to undertake for any organisation. In this digital era of real-time news and viral social media posts, it has never been more important to have robust and effective internal and external communication practices. An effective review can help embed these practices and safeguard an organisation’s reputation by simultaneously assessing inefficiencies and providing advice on improvements.

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