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Case Study

Crisis training for international public affairs executives

How we provided an intensive one-day on site training in Malta for senior leaders from an international governing body.

The Problem

An international governing body needed crisis communications training for senior leaders of their member agencies, specifically focused on the developing risks to organisations in 2023, such as cyber-attacks, EDI issues and international conflicts.

The Solution

Along with a partner consultancy from the Crisis Communications Network Europe (CCNE), Alder provided an intensive one day on site training in Malta for senior leaders from each of the agencies. This training was preceded by briefing calls with attendees to discuss vulnerabilities, risks and desired learnings. The training assessed communications crises from similar governing bodies and examples of well-handled situations and poorly handled ones. Following on from this, agencies were given bespoke tabletop exercises where they had to develop statements and crisis response strategies in line with their learning and presentations from earlier.

The Result

The training was a major success and was followed by debrief calls with attendees. Attendees were satisfied that there was a shared understanding of how to handle both internal and external crises for the body going forward.

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