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Case Study

Crisis communications training day for the SLT of an independent school

How we developed a bespoke training day with likely crisis-scenarios and tabletop exercises for a SLT in an independent school.

The Problem

After a few changes in personnel, the SLT of a leading independent school had identified a few gaps in knowledge. There was little experience of managing crises and media-handling across the team and they wanted to develop this in order to ensure they had measures in place to protect their reputation at a particularly testing time for the sector.

The Solution

The school reached out to Alder and a bespoke training day was developed, based on sessions related to the core principles of crisis communications and media-handling advice, with two in-depth crisis tabletop exercises undertaken after each session. The training day was built around likely issues the school would face and practical tips and measures on how best to handle these issues, based on Alder’s experience of handling crises in the education sector and our desktop research and analysis of the school’s risk areas.

The Result

The SLT left reassured and more confident in their ability to handle a crisis. They felt they had clearly seen the importance of distinct roles through the crisis scenarios and had greater clarity on the roles they would occupy in the event of a cultural, behavioural or sudden incident.

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