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The Problem

A large non-governmental organisation was the subject of a hostile, politically-motivated media campaign. It had to endure successive waves of negative publicity for more than two months before things began to die down.

This onslaught left the organisation questioning whether it had suffered long-term damage to its relationships and reputation.

The Solution

We conducted a discreet but in-depth listening exercise among a range of stakeholders, with a particular focus on senior political journalists and editors working in all branches of the media. This helped us build up a detailed picture of the true impact of the negative campaign – research that included some pleasant surprises. We also provided a bespoke list of action points for the future.

The Result

Alder’s work provided the organisation with a fuller understanding of the precise impact of what had happened, and bolstered its confidence in the wake of a particularly harrowing period. The action points gave it a clear pathway to getting firmly back on track, as well as equipping it with the means to defend itself more effectively.

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