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Case Study

Allegations of surgical malpractice for consultant surgeon at a major NHS trust

How we helped a consultant surgeon manage allegations of surgical malpractice from an investigative news programme.

The Problem

A disgruntled colleague of our client approached a national broadcaster with a series of damaging allegations of surgical malpractice. The allegations formed the basis of an edition of an investigative news programme. The allegations were supported by on-camera testimonies from families who believed they were “victims” of our client’s alleged malpractice.

The Solution

Working closely with the client's healthcare litigation team, we had to quickly gain a working knowledge of the relevant surgical practices to provide an effective response. Through sourcing of expert witness testimony and supporting evidence gained by working with the NHS Trust’s Corporate Affairs team, we were able to substantially mitigate the impact of the programme with an effective statement of rebuttal and dialogue from the broadcaster.

The Result

A proposed follow-up programme was dropped as the result of further submissions from Alder. The consultant credited the response from Alder and his legal team with saving his career.