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Case Study

Broadcast training for the Director of a leading educational institution

The Problem

A leading educational institution was subject to media scrutiny following a series of alleged issues in their sector and at their organisation. A major investigative programme reached out to their executive leadership and asked if they would like to put someone forward for a broadcast interview. The client was unsure as they had not previously experienced a hostile interview.

The Solution

The client underwent our intensive one-day spokesperson training at our partner studio location in London. One of our expert media trainers conducted hostile interview practice, preparing the spokesperson by focusing on tasks such as optimising delivery – body language, tone of voice, and bridging techniques; and spotting journalist tactics – such as identifying and avoiding elephant traps. The preparation was followed by a practical hostile interview exercise to camera in a fully equipped broadcast studio centred on the likely lines of enquiry and specific issues at hand. The training was followed by a feedback session and performance playback.

The Result

After taking part in the interview and immersing themselves in the studio experience, the client decided against providing an interview. The client was highly appreciative of the training as it ensured they were fully aware of the reputational risks that an interview brings, and they provided a statement to the programme in a more appropriate manner which aligned with their media strategy.

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