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Case Study

Bespoke training day for a regional charity

How we helped a regional charity with training in preparation for the launch of a new initiative that risked significant media scrutiny.

The Problem

A regional charity wished to rollout a new initiative, which they felt could lead to significant media scrutiny and present significant communications challenges. Despite firmly believing in the benefits of the initiative, and its alignment with their values, the charity understood the possible negative consequences and the SLT were hoping to find a way to build confidence amongst personnel as they sought to professionally and effectively communicate this new stance.

The Solution

Alder conducted an intensive and comprehensive one day on-site training course, focused entirely on this bespoke initiative, its implications, possible scenarios, stakeholder reactions and lines of enquiries. The training day followed a collaborative structure, as presentations on crisis communications principles and media-handling advice were followed by bespoke tabletop exercises, roleplays and Q&As.

The Result

Alder’s training day resulted in the organisation reassessing their proposed timelines and strategy, as the bespoke course brought certain unconsidered scenarios and questions to light. The charity was very grateful for the training day, as it gave them an excellent foundation to develop the strategy around their initiative whilst also exposing certain areas which needed to be reassessed before launching the initiative.

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