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Year-round reputation support for schools and charities.

Alder Assure is a reputation management service that helps in-house teams reduce risk and build resilience by packaging specialist communications needs together.

Alder Assure provides highly affordable services that will minimise the risk of reputational problems arising, help you deal with any crises that do occur, and provide professional development support for in-house teams.


Alder Assure support is charged at a fixed fee of £450 per month for a minimum of 12 months by Standing Order.

*All rates are exclusive of VAT and there is an 8% service charge for administrative fees.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of Alder Assure?

    • Monitor your reputation through media monitoring and realtime alerts;
    • Benchmark your reputation with monthly sentiment reports;
    • Access to our consultants who have extensive experience working within education and the media;
    • Allows you and your colleagues to be prepared for any crisis that could happen;
    • Keeps you up to date with education reporting, best practice and trends in the sector;
    • Risk management tool for schools and charities to prevent long term reputational damage;
    • In the event of a crisis occurring, this subscription will reduce costs on any ad-hoc services you will require.

    How can I use my consultancy time each month?

    The bespoke monthly consultancy support can be used in a number of ways including:

    • Urgent crisis support – this may be when you need immediate advice when issues arise out of the blue (includes a range of issues that may not be covered by insurance).
    • Strategic advice – this can be in the form of any non-urgent advice that may be needed, e.g., you may want help in drafting certain comms, but there is no pressing issue. 
    • Monthly advice surgery – during the online surgery we will be able to advise on any potential issues, discuss trends in the sector, and share best practice learned from other cases.
    • Positive PR – you can use your time to support the in–house team with proactive PR initiatives. Our proactive PR consultants can advise on PR strategy; press release distribution; media lists; pitching workshops; press release masterclasses, and more. 

    Can I accrue hours if we don’t need support for a month?

    Yes. If you find that you do not have a reason to use the consultancy support for that month, you can accrue hours for up to 12 months. Subscribers can use their accumulated time for a substantial piece of consulting work, or for small projects and training. 

    What if we already have crisis PR services in our insurance policy?

    There is a gap between what insurance can offer and the range of matters that schools and charities need urgent advice on. In our experience insurance tends to kick in when there is something that may give rise to a legal claim, but that is probably only around 15-20% of the problems we advise on. If the matter can’t be sorted out within the first free hour, then our hourly rates after that are discounted.