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Carrie Birmingham

Specialist Partner, Crisis HR & Cultural Transformation

Carrie is Alder’s specialist HR partner, helping organisations put their people at the heart of their crisis response. Carrie provides clients with crucial consultancy regarding cultural problems and workplace scandals, with a keen focus on providing advice in the aftermath of an incident but also unearthing cultural problems before they lead to reputational damage.

Carrie spent ten years working across a variety of senior roles at News UK. Her role as HR Director for the Sun Newspaper honed her ability to manage complex people problems, as at one time 34 employees were arrested. Carrie is an experienced and qualified HR Director, OD consultant, facilitator and coach.

Carrie’s experience of handling workplace cases of bullying, sexual misconduct and deeply rooted cultural problems greatly assists Alder clients as they seek to identify and remedy these complex organisational and reputational issues.

Experience includes:

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