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Reputation Defence & Crisis Communication

A good reputation is built over many years of hard work. However, all it takes is a few days of hostile media campaign, unfounded allegations, or just uninformed gossip to damage it.

In these circumstances time goes by quickly and, if poorly managed, could cost schools financial loss, brand damage and ultimately the ability to survive.

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Headmaster, Private School

Alder teamed up with the UK’s leading lawyers and insurers to offer academic institutions a holistic crisis response service, aimed to keep you firmly on the front foot while easing the pressure on individuals and enhancing the quality of your decision-making.

Crisis scenarios are inevitable for organisations of all size, and they can never be completely prevented.

Schools senior management have educational and welfare duty of care for students, but also for a broader network of stakeholders including parents, staff, and local communities. Each of these groups will have a unique but different need of timely and precise information should crises happen, and that’s where Alder can help.

Our team of expert advisers will support you with effective internal and external communications when communications demands arise.

How we support schools

Crisis handling and PR

We can act swiftly to help you retain control and protect your school’s reputation when trouble strikes out of the blue.

Crisis planning

Planning ahead will minimise the disruption caused by negative stories and help your school stay in control. Our approach helps school bringing a project management mentality to communications.

Online Media Monitoring

In the digital age most of the reputational threats come from Internet. Our software will monitor your school’s online presence and advise on rapid action and counter measures that can be applied if necessary.

Outsourced Press Office

A news story can break anytime, and if it happens out of working hours the chances of a journalist being able to include the school’s side of the story are minimal. An outsourced press office is a dependable firewall between you and the media in the event of negative publicity or otherwise hostile enquiries.

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