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Reputation Building & Management Advice

The digital age has totally changed the way schools activate their brands. Content management is key and offers academic institutions unparalleled opportunities to picture their image the way they want to be seen.

Expert communications advice is crucial not only in the aftermath of a crisis – but it is also fundamental to tell the world that lessons have been learnt, to build your schools reputation during period of calm, and share positive stories about your school.

Alder started life as a crisis PR specialist – but has grown in response to client feedback and now offers a full range of services designed to protect and enhance schools’ reputations.

Alder sharpened up out literature very effectively with excellent use of language and seeing things from the 3rd party perspective. They were first class in everything they did for us in the period of time we worked together.

Business Director, Private School

A thoughtful and experienced PR team of the highest quality who added real value to our communications strategy.

Director of Communications, Private School

How we support schools

Positive Storytelling and Proactive PR

Our brains are naturally predisposed to think in terms of story. A compelling story impacts emotionally, as we tend to analyse the content, information and key messages to our own memories and past experiences. Good stories are remembered, shared and can help schools:

Increase enrolment: when a school is pictured as safe, reliable, and with a great care of educational duty parents will see their children succeed in that environment.

Stand out from the crowd: The education industry is very competitive. Positive storytelling is a powerful marketing tool to promote unique value propositions and highlight how your school differentiates from its competition.

Drive traffic to your website: Stories don’t always have to be published in the local/national print press. A great article on your blog in conjunction with targeted keywords, social media, and content boosters will drive more users to your website and ultimately help in increasing prospects applications.

Create engagement and trust: Your school’s customer success stories (current, alumni, staff), how you overcome barriers, and what you stand for creating a sense of belonging and pride to your brand. When a story strikes the right emotional cords it is very likely to be shared by students and parents within their own circles, leading to enhanced reputations.

Training for Governors

Alder offers a range of bespoke workshops, presentations and simulations to help improve governors’ awareness of threats and opportunities and improve the quality of the decision-making.

Culture Check®

Anything you do to promote the school in the media or other channels must be validated by the behaviour of every teacher and employee. When there is a mismatch, most likely there is a cultural problem to be fixed. Our organisational health check is the ultimate diagnostic tool for identifying cultural problems that might give rise to serious reputational challenges.

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