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European Crisis PR

Professional PR support and communication management for European Crises

For businesses and organisations operating throughout Europe, managing communications at times of crisis can be particularly challenging.  With business operations, customers and supply chains being located in many jurisdictions, successful crisis management is impossible unless you have sufficient local knowledge and expertise. 

Thanks to our membership of the Crisis Communications Network Europe (CCNE), we have the resources, experience and expertise to carefully mitigate crises that arise on a large, cross-border scale.  We are the only UK agency to be a member of this network, guaranteeing consistent and clear PR responses in every territory.  Having access to this network allows us to successfully implement crisis communications strategies throughout Europe, giving our clients full support no matter the size of their business.

Our European crisis PR services include:

  • Creating PR strategies that professionally address sensitive issues.
  • Liaising with clients’ lawyers and insurers to ensure communications are aligned with legal strategies. 
  • Connecting clients with local, trustworthy crisis PR experts with native language skills.
  • Advising on the creation of preventative measures and crisis manuals to protect our clients from reputational risk.
  • Providing bespoke media training and advice for each different jurisdiction. 
  • Monitoring of international media.  

We have been supporting businesses across all industries over the past month to do exactly that. Our services include:

Professional media communications service

Preparing and drafting professional communications statements (both internal and external)

Media Training

Media training for key employees within the business to prepare them for media interviews

News House

We are acting as an extension of our clients’ teams to manage and respond to incoming press enquiries.

About our CCNE membership

CCNE is a network of owner-managed European consultancies specialising in crisis communications.  It was established to deal with crisis events affecting multiple jurisdictions such as supply chain issues, data breaches or complex cultural problems. 

Currently the CCNE has members in Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, the UK and Ireland. 

Clients benefit from access to expertise, contacts and language proficiency that are specific to each country, and a network of specialists with similar values who are used to working with one another.

This guarantees a seamless cross-border response and access to experts whose focus is purely on crisis communications.  The lack of bureaucracy and the fact the agencies are independent ensures the response is friendly and nimble, with clients receiving advice from only senior, highly experienced consultants in each country.  


For more information about our membership of the Crisis Communications Network Europe, please visit:

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