Specialist PR and crisis communications support for universities and other higher education institutes

We have university clients all over the UK, and advise them on a range of communications issues.

Services include:

  • Sexual assault allegations
  • Data protection breaches
  • Allegations of cultural insensitivity
  • Student deaths
  • Breakdowns in media relationships
  • Health & safety failings

With tens of thousands of staff and students on campus at any one time, the potential for a disaster to occur is significantly increased. This risk is compounded by departments that see students, lecturers, researchers and technicians using high-risk equipment such as chemicals and machinery.

So much can and inevitably will go wrong and higher education institutes like universities depend on their reputation to attract the next generation of students as well as grants and other funding. This means that effective management of public relations is critical for universities in order to recruit talent, students, investment, donations and more.


Crisis handling and PR

Regardless of the cause of the crisis, whether related to staff, students, processes or external factors beyond your control, it is important that your team can react quickly in order to effectively manage the media narrative. We help universities and other higher education institutions do just that by acting as a professional consultant and extension to their communications department, offering expert crisis response to manage reputation in the media.

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Media relations

Local, national and industry-specific media all keep a close eye on higher education institutions. It is important to maintain positive relationships with key members of the media and government. We help universities maintain these relationships by engaging with journalists; writing copy for letters and statements, websites and brochures; highlighting opportunities ineducation press; and managing crisis communications issues.

Outsourced press office

A story can break at any time, and with universities under so much scrutiny, a story can quickly snowball. Bolster your university’s press office and ensure you are always ready for a surge in media inquiries by subscribing to our low-cost outsourced press office service. Open seven days a week and all year round, our outsourced press office is completely flexible and you only pay for the time that you use.

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Social and digital media monitoring

In the age of social media, your reputation needs to be monitored continuously. It can be time intensive and inefficient to monitor every mention on every channel, but our social and digital media monitoring service can do the hard work for you. We can monitor your university’s online reputation and advise on rapid action and counter measures that can be applied if necessary. 

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Media training for Deans, Chairs and Governors

To make communicating with the press easy, even during times of crisis, we offer a bespoke media training service tailored to your university and its risk profile. Following our specialist media training, key spokespeople such as university Deans, Chairs and Governors will all feel comfortable and confident to communicate your message to press if and when necessary. This includes phone interview training, face-to-face training and broadcast media training.

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You never know when a crisis is going to hit you. An ordinary day can turn into a very stressful one in our line of work, rapidly and without warning. It is excellent to know that you can turn to someone for expert advice but also a calm and friendly supportive team who know precisely what you are going through.

Alder were highly responsive from the first call and throughout the process. They were highly professional, very thorough, covered all angles, gave excellent advice and were quick to respond when we needed answers.

Our clients rely on us to manage a wide range of sensitive issues. For a free, no obligation conversation please  phone us on 020 76925675 or fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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