We work for a number of leading hospitals and healthcare institutions, helping them defend their reputations and build organisational resilience.

Given the highly sensitive nature of the work and the intense level of scrutiny from the media, the communication and reputation management challenges faced by hospitals and healthcare businesses are unique.

Issues include:

  • Difficult stakeholder relationships
  • Accidents, untimely deaths and inquests
  • Malpractice
  • Litigation
  • Hostile campaigns

At Alder, our team of expert healthcare and crisis PR consultants have featured in top-tier press, including The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and the Law Gazette giving expert advice and commentary about crisis PR issues.



We carefully manage our clients’ reputations in a highly discreet way and under the strictest confidence. Get in touch today to find out more about the communications support we can give your healthcare business, from audits and media training to directly handling the management of a crisis communications issue.

Crisis PR support

In the event your hospital or healthcare business needs to respond to a communications crisis, we can offer expert consultancy flexible to your needs. This includes coordinating a response, expert consultation, media training, liaising with press and drafting response statements to multiple stakeholder groups. By acting quickly, we can act as an extension of your team to protect your reputation and limit damage.

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Reputation audit

The reputations of all health care institutes, public and private, come under significant scrutiny. Our reputation audit will give you a 360° view of your healthcare institute’s perceived reputation and inform your public relations strategy going forward. With our audit and recommendations, you can communicate key messages and manage your reputation more effectively.

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Media training

In the event of a PR crisis it is essential that all possible spokespeople have been professionally media trained. This means each individual will feel confident when interviewed to communicate your key messages and protect your reputation. For hospitals and healthcare businesses this means doctors, directors, owners, experts and other practitioners should all have the appropriate media training to prepare them effectively to communicate on behalf of your institute.

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Culture Check®

Our exclusive Culture Check® service can help you to identify and resolve cultural problems before they become a public relations issue. Whether you have 10 staff or 10,000 staff at your healthcare establishment, undergoing a culture check will allow you to nip underlying issues in the bud before they’re exposed.

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Crisis planning

A swift response to a communications crisis is important and can be made far more straightforward if you have a crisis plan in place. For healthcare businesses and hospitals, we can assess your establishment for risk and devise a clear, concise and easy-to-follow plan that you can use to coordinate a robust crisis response.

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What is PR in healthcare?

PR in healthcare is the profession of public relations within the context of the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is a specialist one which requires expert PR management in order to effectively manage relationships between the healthcare business, the media, public and other key stakeholders. 

Whether you are a hospital, dentist, surgery or any other healthcare business, you will be dependent on your reputation. This is why it is critical that all healthcare businesses invest in an in-house public relations department or external consultant. 



You never know when a crisis is going to hit you. An ordinary day can turn into a very stressful one in our line of work, rapidly and without warning. It is excellent to know that you can turn to someone for expert advice but also a calm and friendly supportive team who know precisely what you are going through.


Alder were highly responsive from the first call and throughout the process. They were highly professional, very thorough, covered all angles, gave excellent advice and were quick to respond when we needed answers.

Our clients rely on us to manage a wide range of sensitive issues. For a free, no obligation conversation please  phone us on 020 76925675 or fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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