The care home sector attracts much media scrutiny. We give crisis PR advice to numerous private care home businesses – from small independents to large companies – when they are facing challenging times.

Issues which may require specialist communications management include:


  • Abuse allegations
  • Deaths and inquests
  • Regulatory failings
  • Litigation
  • Hostile campaigns by relatives

We offer a range of services to assist care homes with their public relations and reputation management. These services include crisis communication planning; onsite media training; and crisis PR support.



Crisis PR support

Should a PR crisis arise for any reason, we offer full crisis communications support. This includes liaising with your legal team; understanding any constraints on what you can say; drafting public statements and ‘lines to take’; handling media enquiries on your behalf; and drafting communications for multiple stakeholder groups. This will help you stay in control and project a positive and confident image during any crisis event.

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Reputation audit

Care homes rely on their reputation, so understanding what other people think of your business is essential for good decision-making and PR planning. Our reputation audit will inform your public relations strategy by building up a 360 degree picture of how you are perceived, identifying strengths to be celebrated and weaknesses to be tackled. 

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Media training

If a PR crisis hits then it will make all the difference if your spokespeople have been professionally media trained so they feel confident in communicating your key messages consistently and clearly.

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Culture Check®

Our exclusive Culture Check® service can help you to identify and resolve cultural problems before they become a public relations issue. This can allow you to nip underlying issues in the bud before they’re exposed.

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Crisis planning

A quick response to a communications crisis is important and can be made far easier if you have a crisis plan in place. Our team will work with you to build a bespoke crisis PR manual.  This is not a policy, but a practical walk-through guide which will help you communicate swiftly and effectively should the worst happen.

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You never know when a crisis is going to hit you. An ordinary day can turn into a very stressful one in our line of work, rapidly and without warning. It is excellent to know that you can turn to someone for expert advice but also a calm and friendly supportive team who know precisely what you are going through.

Alder were highly responsive from the first call and throughout the process. They were highly professional, very thorough, covered all angles, gave excellent advice and were quick to respond when we needed answers.

Our clients rely on us to manage a wide range of sensitive issues. For a free, no obligation conversation please  phone us on 020 76925675 or fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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