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Reputation Toolkit for Schools: Schools PR advice, Online Reputation, Social Media Monitoring.

How do you manage your reputation?

How do you monitor and control what is said about your school on social media?

How can you safely deal with journalists’ enquiries without exposing the school to further risk?

These issues cause schools great concern and, if badly handled, can cost tens of thousands in recovery legal and crisis PR advice. As experts in reputation management for schools, we have responded to this challenge by developing a cost-effective, bespoke product to help schools avoid or quickly respond to PR challenges.

Reputation Toolkit for Schools is a unique cost-effective service that gives subscribers 4 high quality tools to help them minimise risk, stay in control and build brand value.

Reputation Toolkit includes:


Online monitoring

A subscription to the latest social monitoring software. Includes key word alerts, discussion volume charts, influence score, sentiment analysis, and regular reports about what people are saying about your school.

Bespoke press office

With an outsourced press office, we can handle all media enquiries on your behalf, helping build positive relationships with journalists while acting as a firewall between you and the media to minimise the risk of people being caught out by difficult enquiries.

Senior consultancy

One hour’s free consultancy every month on any communication issue of your choosing. Use us as a sounding-board, crisis PR adviser or someone to check or draft your marketing literature.

Special discount

A discount of up to 20% on our regular fees if you need additional support.

How will Reputation Toolkit help me?

Reduce the risk to reputation: social media monitoring keeps schools on the front foot and ensures problems are nipped in the                 bud with a rapid response.

Create efficiency by freeing your own people from the time-consuming task of social media monitoring or handling journalists’               enquiries.

Reduce the cost of failure by saving money on emergency legal and PR costs

   Help raise your profile by spotting opportunities for positive t            publicity. 

Project a professional image: our experienced consultants advise hundreds of schools and will handle requests from journalists in a                 way that reflects well on your organisation.

Our clients’ experiences


Alder’s Reputation Toolkit is great value for money and worth it for the consultancy service alone.  Having ‘eyes and ears’ on social media gives us reassurance too.

Head Teacher

We work with Alder whenever issues arise – their advice is excellent and always given quickly. And happily this new service is saving us money!


What a great package of support, thanks for signing us up. Good to know we’ve now got all this covered.


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